It's the holidays, not the end of the world.

Will you be bringing a date to your company party? Going solo to family gatherings? Tis the season for taking care of yourself and finding the joy in spite of hard times.


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Ready for some divorce support? Go ahead, kick off your shoes off and stay awhile. Make yourself comfortable, or as comfortable as you can be while going through divorce. Whether you're in the thick of it or have been divorced for a while, this can be a challenging time. Even if you think you're tougher than most, divorce will take it's toll.

There is a happy ever after...

Having a great divorce support system makes a huge difference. Follow the Life Lafter Divorce podcast to stay connected, sign up for classes to keep you smiling, and visit our shop for some old-fashioned  retail therapy. And if you're really ready to get off the couch, get a coach.

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Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.

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“Divorce is tough,” Linsky said. "I hope to offer some comfort to those who are hurting, so I’m excited to offer practical products with a sense of humor.” Read more...