Leanne Linsky

Leanne is a two-time divorcee, offering her divorce support as podcast co-host, life coach, and founder of Life Lafter Divorce.

The Boyfriend

The Boyfriend is Leanne's boyfriend and #1 supporter. He offers his divorce support as a podcast co-host and sound engineering.


Mom-nonymous is a mom, wife, Life Lafter Divorce blogger, and a proud member of our divorce support team.

Meet Leanne Linsky

I'm Leanne and I've been divorced twice.

I'm an actor, writer, comedian. I've had plenty of relationships and experienced stressful and frustrating breakups. I'm obviously not a relationship expert, but  divorce is definitely one of my top 5 most stressful things - right there with moving, job hunting, cooking, and avoiding Valentine's Day. Yes, Valentine's Day. My first husband proposed on Valentine's Day and my second husband and I got married the day after. Not the same year. That would be weird.

Thanks to a couple of ex-husbands, I found my passion in comedy. Of course, I can't let my exes take all the credit. I studied at The Second City, IO Chicago, Upright Citizens Brigade, and Magnet Theater. I've performed in countless shows in Las Vegas, LA, New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, DC, and other cities across America. In addition to performing in resident improv ensembles at Magnet Theater, I've also had the pleasure of being cast in Gotham City Improv's award-winning main stage show, Off the Tops of Their Heads. I was cast in theater, film, and commercial work while in New York.

I wrote about my marital adventures.

Lady Luck is a Whore: What happened in Vegas stays in this show is the one-woman show I wrote and performed.  My mom wasn't thrilled with the title, but was estatic to learn that I kept my clothes on. I'm pretty sure most people were. I had a blast developing this show. C'mon! It was the ultimate place to showcase my divorce experience. How could I not enjoy playing the role of my first husband in a scene about how he wanted to go to Taco Bell to eat before we made love for the first time - my first time. Yes, he did. I premiered (another first!) my show at The Peoples Improv Theater in New York, and then performed it in the Capital Fringe in DC, Fringe Wilmington in DE, and again in NY for the United Solo Festival.

I began teaching comedy as a volunteer with Cherub Improv, a non-profit improv comedy organization. Cherub Improv partners with senior homes, veterans centers, children’s runaway and homeless shelters, and cancer support organizations to perform and teach improv comedy.


Leanne Linsky, Life Coach & Founder

Through working with Cherub Improv,  I became a TV show host for KidZone TV at Kravis Children's Hospital at Mount Sinai. After working with such healing organizations, I knew I wanted to do more to help people. Also around this time, I began teaching at Gotham City Improv.

So yeah, I’m divorced. Now what?

Well, it just so happens I have a boyfriend who doubles as my co-host and sound engineer on the podcast. I still write jokes and do stand up when I can. Right now I’m developing fun divorce workshops and dreaming up a few other ways I can provide divorce support. I have to say, things are going pretty well.

See? There is Life Lafter Divorce.


Meet The Boyfriend

Hi, I'm Leanne's boyfriend. I've never been married and never been divorced (obviously). I'm the co-host of our podcast and support Life Lafter Divorce in any way I can.

I'd also like to remain a man of mystery.

Meet Mom-nonymous

I'm Mom-nonymous, a wife and a mom of three. I'm 78 years young and was raised in an era where divorce was frowned upon and we worked things out for better or for worse. As a result, I'm proud to say I've been married for 56 years. As a mom of two divorcees, I do realize that not everyone is so fortunate. Times have changed and most married couples only have somewhere around 50% chance of success now days.

I was raised in a time when woman stayed home and raised a family, and that's exactly what I did.  Although it came with much sacrifice and compromise, I have never regretted it and I'm thankful I was fortunate enough to do that.

Listening to this podcast gives me some new perspective on what other people experience within their marriage and gives me a better understanding of divorce.

Who knows? You may agree or not agree with my thoughts and opinions -- we all come from a different times, experiences, and upbringing -- but I do hope my thoughts help those who are going through divorce or even someone like me who has never experienced it first-hand. Maybe my blogs offer you some mom-like divorce support. And at the very least, you should know that someone is listening.


P.S. I know my avatar doesn't look like a 78-year-old, but I don't care. I'm anonymous, and I drew it myself.